Monday, July 15, 2013

Download Sniper Elite Full Game

Sniper Elite
Download Sniper Elite Full Game
Game File Size=2 GB!
Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

Method Specs Necessary!

  • Windows: Xp,Vista,7,eight*
  • Cpu: Pentium 4*
  • Ram: 1 GB*
  • Video Card: 64 MB*
  • Cost-free Space: 4 GB*


Sniper Elite Is an action shooting game developed by UK GAMES in 2005.This game is also known as Sniper Elite Berlin 1994,This game was remade in 2012 as Sniper Elite V2 and the third Of it is to be released in 2014 named Sniper Elite 3,The main character of the game is Karl Fairburne who is an American secret agent disguised as a German Sniper.It is an third person shooting game,The main and outstanding feature of this game is Realistic Ballistics signifies drop of bullet after firing and breathing when shooting.Diverse kinds of snipers are employed in this game.Only snipers and pistol is given to player and in some missions sub machine guns are employed.When the player requires or hit a stunning shot such as Head-shot or shot on a challenging target the view of game follows the path of the bullet in slow motion.Player can also kill the enemies with knife which also adhere to a slow motion camera.Sniper Elite V2 Is Far Much better than this version game that game consists of many diverse characteristics and the graphics level is considerably higher than this version of game.This game doesn't have the feature of multi player you can not play multi player game there is an pick and drop alternative available in the game player can simply drop and choose a new weapon there are allot of hard missions which require patience and stealth you will rather leave the game of total it with passion...You Can Simply Download The Game From The Under TEXT Written Download hyperlink Download The Game From The Below Link Set up It And Get pleasure from Taking The Heads :D 


  • Newest Snipers Used
  • An Camera Follows Bullet When Headshots Takken
  • Choose And Drop Feature
  • Map Navigation


Download Sniper Elite Full Game
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