Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unity 3D Pro Full

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Develop the games you enjoy with Unity! The current item cycle for the Unity engine and toolset is Unity 4, and the newest release in the Unity 4 cycle is Unity four.1.5 Unity is a game development ecosystem: 
a potent rendering engine totally integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and fast workflows to create interactive 3D content material easy multiplatform publishing thousands of high quality, prepared-made assets in the Asset Store and a information-sharing Neighborhood. 
Important Features:
Profiler: Memory profiler makes it posible to view a snapshot of at the moment loaded game objects and assets, and shows the cause why an object is in memory. Memory usage of a player can also be viewed by connecting to the player from the editor.
Easy vs. Complex view kind dropdown button in the memory location.
 Substance: Procedural textures are now supported at runtime on iOS and Android (ARM v7a only, NEON needed for optimal performance).  

Mecanim: 2D Blend Nodes for Blend Trees. 2D Blend Nodes are like standard blend nodes except you can blend based on two float parameters as an alternative of a single. Supported 2D blend types are Simple Directional, Freeform Directional, and Freeform Cartesian.  
Graphics: Custom Material Editors! A shader can have CustomEditor keyword which points to an editor class that derives from
MaterialEditor. This is useful for setting per material shader keywords from the UI.

Graphics: Per-material shader search phrases. You can now set shader keywords on a per material basis. This permits for less function keeping shaders and turning on and off components of a shader with search phrases. 
iOS: full multi-screen support (AirPlay). Appear for added Show class for an array of connected displays (only iOS is correctly implemented now - all other platforms will have only one particular show in there).  
Mac OS X Standalone: added GameCenter assistance. 

Download Unity 3D Pro 4.two.1. Full below:

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Unity 3D Pro Full
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