Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who Is On My Wifi Full

Who Is On My Wifi is a simple but effective application developed for the customers who need to have to verify their WiFi network for intruders. It is a useful tool for identifying unauthorised access and resource leaks that can lower the connection performance.

When you are making use of a physical network, it is straightforward to notice a new connection from your router. But when dealing with wireless networks, the connections are not as clear which might encourage some customers to use your network for Web access or even data theft.

This application enables you to check the list of connected devices from your network and mark the ones that belong to authorized customers. In order to check for new connections, the plan runs in the background and repeats the network scan each and every handful of minutes.

A notification is automatically generated when a new device is detected on your network. You can customize the notification sort and enable an email notification if you want to obtain a heads up even when you are not at your desk.

If a particular pc seems suspicious, you can easily block its access by simply checking it on the list of detected devices. A block history log can be saved to a nearby folder in order to analyze the scanner and block activity.

The program’s interface is simple and needs minimal knowledge in order to detect the computers and handle the connection. Furthermore, at the first launch a wizard guides you by means of all the needed steps in order to scan the network.

In our tests, the plan necessary insignificant resources even during the network scan. Nonetheless, if you want to decrease the impact on the laptop you can specify the IP range that wants to be scanned and increase the time interval among scans.

Who Is On My Wifi makes it possible for you to determine and block the intruders that use your WiFi network without authorization. 

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Who Is On My Wifi Full
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